Going all the way

Irvine Humphries Global leaves no stone unturned in seeking out every possible advantage to our clients.

Our two-step approach to portfolio building

First, Irvine Humphries Global’s research analysts will recommend asset combinations for a particular client. Then, members of our investment management team take over, overseeing the process of selecting specific securities and deciding the weight they will account for within the portfolio.

We believe that our knowledgeable, highly-motivated management team and our insistence on pursuing absolute returns (rather than merely trying to outperform the market) are the real secrets of our consistently strong investment performance.

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Separation of responsibilities

Irvine Humphries Global believes that its slightly unorthodox practice of dividing responsibilities between our relatively independent research and investment management teams enables each to focus on minimizing risks with different, complementary strategies and to position each client’s financial assets in the most effective manner.