An inventive approach to financial management

Our innovative, but judicious methodology consistently produces outstanding results.

Passionate about service

Irvine Humphries Global does not hire sales staff in the traditional sense. Rather, we have assembled a team of professionals who understand our passion and enthusiasm for helping our clients achieve their objectives. The professionals we hire are at the pinnacle of their careers and they are resolutely committed to providing the investment performance our clients demand and the highest standards of service.

An experienced team

All of our investment team members are highly experienced, seasoned professionals who bring to the table recognized talent for risk/reward assessment. They are exceptionally skilled at constructing customized investment portfolios that maximize the likelihood of our clients achieving their investment objectives while balancing expected return against risk factors.

Assessing risks

Of course, mitigating investment risk is vital. Irvine Humphries Global aims to effectively reduce the risk our clients are exposed to. We construct portfolios using a unique blend of meticulous, proprietary research and fundamental macroeconomic analysis.

We prefer to develop our own unique and innovative investment strategies, rather than follow cookie-cutter industry trends. In this way, we can stay ahead of the curve, choosing asset classes before they become commonplace and lose their potential for appreciation.

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