Comprehensive Investment Management Service

Irvine Humphries Global manages all the operations on your portfolio, so you don’t have to.

Managing your portfolio’s course

You grant power of attorney to Irvine Humphries Global, entrusting our professional team with the day-to-day management of your portfolio. We will make routine buy, hold and sell decisions based on our opinion of what is the appropriate action to optimize your assets.

Although these decisions are made without seeking your authorization, it is important to remember that Irvine Humphries Global is contractually prevented from purchasing assets that fall outside the limits of the risk tolerance agreed upon with you so you need never worry that your capital is being exposed to unsuitable investments.

Observing client risk aversion

Every client has a different level of tolerance to investment risk. At Irvine Humphries Global, we ensure that you are never uncomfortable with the level of risk to which your portfolio is exposed. Clients with a lower tolerance for risk will generally prefer less volatile investments, including blue chip equities, dividend-paying stocks or other equities, mutual funds, bonds or Certificates of Deposit.

On the other hand, investors seeking higher risk investments with higher potential yields might look favorably toward small and medium-cap equities, commodities, derivatives or similar options.

Benefits of portfolio management

Electing to use Irvine Humphries Global’s comprehensive portfolio management service provides a client with several benefits including:

  • The cumulative professional training and experience of our investment management team
  • Expert, in-depth research and analysis supporting every investment decision at the corporate and macroeconomic level
  • The best path for reaching your investment objectives at the lowest ultimate cost
  • Continual portfolio monitoring with regular reviews to keep you informed of your investments’ status
  • Observance of strict and well-defined guidelines concerning what assets may or may not be included in your portfolio
  • Personal freedom to pursue other professional or leisure activities while leaving the day-to-day asset management details to us