A holistic family service

Irvine Humphries Global puts your family’s present and future financial interests first.

Providing comprehensive family office services

Irvine Humphries Global’s family office provides comprehensive solutions for high net-worth families requiring management of peripheral financial and investment issues that are, nevertheless, of high importance. Services that our highly-trained and experienced family office professionals are qualified to undertake include the routine administration of budgets, philanthropic activities; the more specialized tax planning and wealth transfer issues as well as the day-to-day management of family-owned businesses.

The Irvine Humphries Global family office adheres strictly to the same judicious risk management decision-making principles that form the foundation of our core wealth and investment management operations.

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Extended personal financial services

Irvine Humphries Global’s family office can provide other required financial services, including but not limited to remittances, personal and business accounting and health insurance administration. These personalized extended financial services provide safe and cost-effective alternatives to personal secretaries and bookkeepers, reducing the family’s administrative burden.