Accommodating Every Financial Need

Clients can choose from a range of financial services that can be adapted
to meet personal needs.

What we offer

Irvine Humphries Global provides a suite of services that presents clients with a complete investment and wealth management plan, optimally-designed to suit each individual on a bespoke basis.

A strategy for every investor

No one else is better-equipped than Irvine Humphries Global to guide you along the path to financial success. No matter whether you are a novice taking your first steps towards a secure and prosperous financial future or a seasoned investor seeking to “fence off” your assets and derive a steady income while seeking low-risk capital growth, Irvine Humphries Global has a strategy for you.

Managed or trade-only

Irvine Humphries Global’s professionals can provide detailed day-to-day management of your investment portfolio, enabling you to devote more time to other important matters. Conversely, if you merely require a convenient, efficient way to access and trade securities on global markets and indices with no impediments, Irvine Humphries Global can accommodate you.