Privacy Policy

Irvine Humphries Global considers client privacy to be of primary importance. Specific procedures have been put in place in order to maintain the confidentiality of client information. Irvine Humphries Global will collect a certain amount of non-public information about you in the course of providing investment management and financial services. Irvine Humphries Global’s strict policy is to ensure this information is kept confidential and that any use by or disclosure to a third party shall only occur when necessary. This privacy policy applies to any individual, group or other entity that is or ever has been a client of Irvine Humphries Global.

Personal information we collect

Irvine Humphries Global collects personal and financial information that is required to communicate with you and to help us effectively manage your investments. This may include:

  • Your name, mail address, email address and telephone numbers
  • Your personal income and tax information
  • Details of your financial circumstances
  • Balances of bank, retirement and investment accounts
  • Your social security number (if applicable)

How we collect financial information

In order to provide our services to you, Irvine Humphries Global may collect information from the following sources:

  • Application forms or statements that you submit to us
  • Tax returns and other financial records that you submit to us
  • Financial professionals, including custodians, accountants, attorneys or other trusted advisors
  • Other fiduciaries or trustees authorized by you to communicate with us

How your information may be used

Some of the third party service providers Irvine Humphries Global uses in our dealings with you may require us to share some of your personal information with them. These service providers may include mutual fund providers, custodians, broker-dealers and companies that provide us with data management and software services. We may also, if so instructed to by a client, provide client information to attorneys or legal firms. We may also disclose client information to third parties as permitted by law including law enforcement agencies (with a lawful court order or warrant) and regulatory authorities.

How your information is protected

Irvine Humphries Global has put in place specific protocols that are designed to protect the security and confidentiality of your information. These protections include hardware and software firewalls, encrypted third-party cloud storage facilities, password-protected user access to our software services and stringent confidentiality policies that apply to all employees with authorization to access client information.