Custom Investment Strategies

Like a tailored suit, the best investment strategy is the one that’s designed just for you.

Investing flexibly

The global economy is rapidly changing with new markets rising in prominence and older markets declining in importance. In such an environment, quick adaptation to change is vital. Irvine Humphries Global helps overcome these challenges by providing each client with an individualized portfolio based on a strategy that is matched to his or her personal financial situation and preferences and flexible enough to produce the highest gains while minimizing risk.

Hand illustrating dollar and man on seesaw

Tailored investment strategies

Irvine Humphries Global provides an individualized investment strategy designed to achieve a client’s specific financial objectives while respecting his/her level of aversion to investment risk. This requires hands-on, proactive management as success depends on exploiting perceived market inefficiencies within the alternative investment markets where our experts determine that securities are undervalued and are, therefore, a bargain.

Taking positions in assets or markets in which the mainstream has little interest takes an appreciation of the mentality of the herd and how, with experience and guile, one can be prepared to take advantage when the herd eventually takes notice.