Methods Clients Can Trust

We make investment recommendations using only fact-based procedures.

How we choose investments

An Irvine Humphries Global investment manager will view any potential investment through a different lens than most, viewing a company as if he or she were the CEO and attempting to project its future earnings. He or she eschews reliance upon standard financial indicators which tend to be more indicative of past rather than future performance.

Exhaustive research from the bottom up

Irvine Humphries Global conducts due diligence on a potential investment in a target company from the bottom up, thoroughly evaluating its core financials and its leadership team. We dig deep for information concerning its core business, its market share and relationship to its competitors. We estimate its future performance against the backdrop of current and expected economic conditions.

Seeking steady, long-term growth

Irvine Humphries Global tends to recommend equity investments that meet certain core criteria; a proven track record of strong performance, a pro-stockholder management team and a current price that is below our professional estimate of its real value. We look for investments that show strong potential for long-term, steady growth.

Cupped hands presenting dollar symbol with stack of money

Aiming for outperformance

When managing investment portfolios that prioritize aggressive growth, Irvine Humphries Global tends to seek out lesser-known companies with lower capitalization that harbor a greater potential for medium and long term growth.