Focused Investment Decisions

We focus our attention and energy on making profitable investment choices.

Consistently strong returns

Irvine Humphries Global’s unique methodology is designed to deliver maximum long-term returns on investment while minimizing risk, regardless of changing market conditions. Protecting and growing our clients’ capital always has been and always will be our primary focus.

Perceptive security selection

Irvine Humphries Global has a consistent record of making intuitive decisions when it comes to the selection of securities. The success we enjoy is the result of tried and trusted methods of market research and detailed technical analysis. It depends on a careful balance of three strategies: a bottom-up fundamental analysis of specific securities, a top-down analysis of prevailing economic cycles and precise timing of entry into markets in order to maximize financial gains.

Our clients’ success motivates us

Irvine Humphries Global prides itself on the ability of its investment professionals to recommend prudent and shrewd investments that bring its clients substantial returns on their capital while honoring an ironclad commitment to make sure that every move is made solely with the best interests of its clients in mind.